The Amaretto Family Christmas Giveaway Day 2 - December 19th

Bastian Hax

Staff member
Mar 3, 2019
Christmas TAF Giveaway.jpg

This raffle is sponsored by TAF (myself and Markus).

We have up for grabs 2 retired Steampunk LE's from last year! - these are a real favorite in the community!

Coat: 2018 Asian Steampunk - Mandarin
Coat: 2018 Asian Steampunk - Midori

Remember to enter the raffle everyday for a chance of winning that days prize!

Every day a raffle will start at 9AM SLT. You will have until the following morning at 7AM SLT to join. A winner will be pulled at 8AM SLT automatically each day for the previous day's prize!

Check Out The Raffle Below:

Abit of Christmas Music Fun!


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