TAF Update 2020. V1.0

Bastian Hax

Staff member
Mar 3, 2019
Hey Everyone!

As you all can probably see we have a new website design! - Actually it's a completely new website.

We decided moving into 2020 that since TAF was coming up to 5 years old that we wanted something fresh.

A few things to get out of the way first. We have removed several features from the old site and have not incorporated them into the new site. These are:

- Classifieds System
- Animal Updates Section
- Auction Schedule

Now, just because these features have been removed right now does not mean there will not be something added in the future. Currently, we work on bringing an all-new auction schedule to the site.

All of our user's details were moved to this new site, so if you were registered before you can still log in.

We have added a new "Media" section. You are welcome to post any pictures you want of your animals to share with the community by uploading the image to one of the animal categories under that section https://www.theamarettofamily.com/media/ - you are then welcome to share the link to your image in-world in the TAF group.

Once the Auction Schedule is up and running we will be sending out brand new signs in world.


crystal glasswing

New member
Mar 23, 2019
I love this new website, really nice layout and easy to navigate. I do miss the auction schedule, hope that's up and running soon :)
Congrats, and good job!
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